Moody landscape tutorial/edit in Adobe Lightroom

This video full start to finish edit is a little longer than the basic adjustments and goes further into the options that are available to you in Adobe Lightroom and what you can do with them. The shot in question is of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland and it’s demonstrating how you can achieve a moodier effect in your landscape images.

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One thought on “Moody landscape tutorial/edit in Adobe Lightroom”

  1. Hi James. That’s a really insightful tutorial especially for a novice like me only 8 months into landscape photography.

    I do have some questions just to aid my understanding of best practice in editing photographs.

    I do used curves for each of the channels currently but do that in PS, and similarly with dodging and burning. Is it better to do one or both in LR? Or is it simply preference? And also is it normally better to reduce contrast before this is done?

    No sharpening and smoothing was done. This is an area I still find slightly confusing but have my methods (if that makes sense) but shouldn’t some pre sharpening be done in LR?

    It also made me wonder whether you use grad filters in the field or not. I use Nisi ones but can see what can be achieved with digital ones. To be honest I still use the digital ones in post production.

    I find your work inspirational since I began to follow on Instagram and only hope I can reach your standard one day.


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