05 Mar 2017

Moody landscape tutorial/edit in Adobe Lightroom

This video full start to finish edit is a little longer than the basic adjustments and goes further into the options that are available to you in Adobe Lightroom and what you can do with them. The shot in question is of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland and it’s demonstrating how you can achieve a moodier effect in your landscape images. Please let me know either on here, Instagram, or youtube what you think:  

05 Mar 2017

Adobe Lightroom basic adjustments – video tutorial

Below is a video tutorial that I’ve pulled together for you guys that have been asking for one.  This is the first of two covering basic adjustments and showing how good light in a photograph can make the editing process rather painless and swift. Please let me know either on here, insta, or youtube what you think:  

30 Jan 2017

How to remove lens flare whilst shooting

How to remove Lens Flare whilst shooting Today’s post is a simple tutorial on a technique that you can use to remove lens flare whilst shooting into the sun or when you’re shooting in an environment with multiple lights that are causing you issues. The only gear you’ll need is your camera a tripod, and your finger(!). The idea behind the technique is simple, whilst shooting into the sun, it’s the sun and the direct light from it hitting the […]

07 Dec 2016

Sleeklens – Lightroom Landscape presets review

Hey everyone, Today I’m going to be reviewing the Sleeklens Landscapes Presets package for Adobe Lightroom. First things first, this package is aimed at Adobe Lightroom users that are looking to reduce the amount of time spent processing, offering presets that provide a range of options for editing your photos ranging  from basic adjustments to more advanced edits of your photos.  I’ve spent a few days with the preset package that I’m reviewing, I have, however, used Sleeklens presets in the […]

21 Sep 2016

Drone tips – Shooting & processing, part 1…

Aerial photography, it’s something I’ve only really started in the last six months, I fell in love with it instantly.  It’s incredible how far technology has come, and how much it’s improving in such a short space of time. To give you a little bit of background, I am currently using a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, it has a 12mp camera on it, and it’s incredibly easy to fly.  For those that don’t know, you control the drone with a […]

15 Sep 2016

A little bit about me and my photographic history…

Me, I’m James, I’m thirty years old and an avid photographer.  I used to live near Peterborough but now I live near Leicester.  I moved here to go to University, and like a lot of people, I stuck around after. I’ve been taking photographs for nearly two thirds of my life. Before the age of digital, I initially had an abundance of disposables, I quickly realised that it would cost a fortune to keep taking photos like that.  Shortly after […]

13 Sep 2016

First post!

A really quick post to say hello & thank you to everyone that swings by my website.  I’m aiming to update my blog with posts covering my latest adventures, processing tips and tricks and last of all, maybe even a product review or two.