Lightroom Presets

My first preset pack is focused around landscape photography, it can however be used in portraiture or cityscapes too.  Below you can see examples of each of the presets in action and some advice on when best to use them.

With the correct exposure and white balance each of these presets can be used as a one click edit, however, I would suggest using them as a base edit and tweaking them accordingly to fit your image. Following these tweaks I would also proceed through my usual workflow of dodging/burning, applying any graduated/radial filters etc to achieve your finished look.


JG Preset one

Suitable for a variety of shots, balancing the shadows and highlights and bringing some extra contrast and slight shifts in colour to give the image a more defined look. The below shows a one click edit of a shot from Cat Bells in the Lake District.

JG Preset two 

Great for Autumnal scenes and landscapes that are lacking vibrance.  This preset can produce some interesting results but works fantastically in the right situation.  Worth trying out on a variety of images.

JG Preset three

I find this works great in a variety of situations, but I tend to use it most when there is a body of water in the shot to really emphasise the blues/greens.

JG Preset four

Ideal for warming up a slightly cooler scene and bringing out the contrasting colours of nature.

JG Preset five

Useful on days where the scene is very flat and dull, it can produce some fantastic results in well balanced scenes with good light too.

JG Preset six

A preset for those of us that can't always be out when the sun is shining.  Great for creating some atmosphere in a moody scene.

JG Preset seven

A preset that helps you bring back some detail and hone those greens and blues.

JG Preset Eight - Classic Landscape pop

Subtle adjustments to make your landscapes pop.  Expose your photo without clipping any highlights and you can use this to bring back your shadows and give everything a little boost.